Immigration Conundrums

I guess this belongs in the "free is not free" blog, too.

I let the white house web site talk me into subscribing to their blurbs.

I got this one from the first of this month, from Cecilia Muñoz:

The four things President Obama wants to do to fix immigration

You'll pardon me if my bogon meter pings heavily?

(Nobody in Washington seems to understand (or want to admit) the evil of closed borders. That, for instance, current immigration policies are a large part of the reason that I am not making enough to pay US taxes and do my part to try to make up for Congress's excesses.

Current immigration policies are forcing a lot of expats like me to choose between destroying their family by separation and destroying their family by poverty -- specifically, I can legally take my kids into the states with me if I return to look for a real job, but I can't take my wife. Officially. Legally.

If I do it the officially legal way, she's going to be waiting for at least a year for the paperwork to go through. Over here. While I scrounge around over there all by myself for a job that would meet the requirements, in terms of wages, insurance, promise of stability, etc., for getting her visa.

All by myself because, naturally, it's going to be a hassle for me to try to get and hold a stable job while getting the kids fed and off to school.

Of course, now they have this optional official "not really immigration" visa for "circumstances like ours". Huh? Like, being more successful than the average US citizen is the normal for expatriates? And if I were making enough over here to qualify for the regular visa, why would I be dragging my family back and forth?

And we are not even the tip of the tip of the iceberg of the evil caused by the attempt to close the US borders.)

So President Obama is determined to fix this broken system so that everyone plays by the same rules,

Same rules? Why do I never trust rule makers when they say that?

and we wanted to make sure you get the details.

Uh, yeah. Thanks, I guess.

Here's what he wants to do:
-- First, continue to improve the security on our borders;

Sigh. There is a reason for the security problems. It has nothing to do with the wall they say should be there and isn't. 

-- Second, crack down on the companies that hire undocumented workers;

 And thus make the security problems even worse.

-- Third, provide undocumented immigrants the chance to earn their citizenship and hold them accountable by requiring that they learn English, pay taxes and a penalty, move to the back of the line, and pass background checks; and

Move them back to the end of the line? So they can die while they wait for an opportunity to do the work we "citizens" refuse to do, at wages we "citizens" sniff at, to help us avoid sending all our work to China?

-- Fourth, streamline the legal immigration system for families, workers, and businesses.

Having said the above, they dare use the word "streamline"?

How far out of touch with reality are the people that get far enough in the political process to run for or be elected President? (No, even though I am Mormon, and I even like both Romney and Obama, I don't think we had any real options in the last election. Yeah, liking people doesn't stop me from complaining when they push really evil agendas.)

The good news is that lawmakers from both parties agree with that basic set of principles, and a bipartisan group of Senators is already working on a bill that's consistent with President Obama's proposal. That's big.

Uhmm, yeah. That's 

As in, there's no one left even considering trying to stop this train wreck.

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