United Soviet Socialist Republic of North America

I'm reading this FBAR.

I'm thinking about the US yielding, over the past thirty-to-forty years, to all the worst of the Berne Convention. (Copyrights that last 70 years after the author dies are in any reasonable sense conformant to the Constitutional specification of temporary? I suppose treaties now take precedence over the Constitution.)

I'm thinking about the US's part in the TPP. (Yeah the trans-Pacific Partnership for combining the economies of the world under one single anti-Constitutional organization. The one that inspired this brief moment of lost control.)

And I'm thinking about the Assist-the-Counterfeiters Agreement.

I'm thinking about socialized insurance and socialized "medicine" in the erst-while land of the free.

I'm thinking about the Pretend-to-be-a-patriot Act.

FooBAR, indeed. If it weren't for real, I'd be rolling on the ground laughing at the irony.

Fowled Up Beyond All Recognition. I cannot see any semblance of freedom, looking at my home country across the Pacific Ocean any more. The US was hanging by a thread last year, and the thread has now been cut. We, who were supposed to be protecting our freedoms, missed the biggest wars while were were all excited about terrorists. Yeah, terrorism is a problem, but there are worse things that can happen, and they have begun to happen.

Which is only going to make for more terrorism. Why isn't it obvious to any thinking man that anti-terrorist laws and behaviors are just feeding the causal problems?

If you want to be free, you can't be busy telling everyone else what they must and must not do. You have to put up with a little non-optimal stuff in society. You have to do your part to take care of the messes other people make.

Otherwise, people with a cause make these kinds of laws, some of them knowing full well what the laws will do, others deluded into thinking that these laws will solve their problems.

If you want to be free, yourself, you have to be first to be helpful, first to be courteous, first to extend a hand to the one in need.

Otherwise, the people who need help will start demanding help. And people in high positions in government and other such institutions will only be too glad to use those problems as an excuse to make their positions more powerful,as they think.

Where did we, as a country forget our freedom?

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