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Why do things keep getting mushy? Am I an incurable romantic, or is it just the impossible situation our co-protagonists are in?

Karel opened his eyes. The rain had stopped and it was no longer as cold. Bobbie was no longer shivering. He reached for his watch and checked the time. It was ten past four, so he went back to sleep.

When he awoke again, it was past dawn and He and Bobbie had both shifted to their backs in their sleep. He lay there, looking at the tent ceiling and not really thinking.

"Good morning, my love." Bobbie's voice drifted over him.

"You're awake."

"So are you. Are we married, yet?"


"I'm not just forgetting a week or so?"

Karel tried to remember for sure what day it was. "It's Thursday. We have now been on this island for three weeks."

"So I guess I shouldn't roll over on top of you and kiss you?"

Karel sat up suddenly, and Bobbie followed quite leisurely.

"And the shame of it is that I won't be able to get you up that way once we're married."

"Sadist. Give me a ..."

But she was already kissing him.

"Okay, Honey, I'm awake now."

"What should we do, today?"

"I'm thinking we need to get more food."

"You're probably right. We can't get started on the hut until the first hundred have had time to dry, right?"

"Yeah. And I'm wishing we had already cut a bunch of those half-inch bamboo."

"Okay, that's something we can do today."

"I'm thinking of learning how to weave bamboo. Make a laundry basket. See if we can use woven bamboo for the walls."

"Well, let's pray about it and get a start on the day."

After prayers, exercises and breakfast, they hiked above the stand of one-inch bamboo to the stand of half-inch bamboo and started cutting. The half-inch culms were about nine feet long and had thinner walls, and were much easier to cut. They had two hundred cut before noon, and took them back to the water for leaching.

"I want a look at your book on plants."

"Oh?" And Karel went to get it out of his trunk. He closed the trunk and set the book on top, and Bobbie flipped through the pages.

"Here. I thought I saw these near the bamboos we just took."

"Sweet potatoes. That would be a nice addition to our diet. Let's go look.

So they went up to look and found sweet potatoes growing just south of the stand of half-inch bamboo. Nearby, they also found ripening peanuts and cumin. They collected several of the sweet potatoes and took samples of the peanuts and their leaves, and the cumin, and then went over the ridge to fill their backpacks with other foods for their larders.

Back at camp, they checked the sweet pototoes, peanuts, and cumin against the descriptions in their books, and built a fire. They spent most of the afternoon experimenting with different ways of preparing the foods they now had available, reading the scriptures to each other while they waited for things to boil and cook.

Towards evening, Bobbie said she wanted to go back to the mouth of the northwest stream, to look at plants near the stream, so they hiked back around the beach to it. Hiking in from the shore a few hundred feet, they found garlic growing among onions, and also found ginger root. Taking more samples, they returned to camp over the ridge, picking up more green leafy vegetables on the way.

Back at camp, they continued experimenting with cooking until late evening.

"I guess we now have what we need to treat simple colds," Bobbie commented.

"I hope that doesn't mean one of us will be soon getting sick."

"That's not funny."

In the dusk of the evening, they went down to the water and got the second hundred one-inch culms out of the water, bringing them back to dry in the shade of the thicket.

And they retired under the stars with the tent between them.

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