Reworking Chapters 40 through 42 of Economics 101, a Novel

Some people say love is simple.

If you have to explain and be careful how you talk about it, it isn't love.

Some people say the same thing about freedom. If you have to have rules and explanations, it isn't freedom.


Nobody's freedom is absolute, and freedom that isn't absolute has conditions. Those conditions may have rather intricate details.

And unconditional love is unconditional, but nobody but Jesus Christ (and His Father, okay?) has perfectly unconditional love.

But more important, the people we love are not perfect. That means that there are details to be talked about even in Jesus' love for us.

Complications may be indication of something wrong, but love and freedom are only simple when they are simple.

So I have had to rewrite chapters 40, 41, and 42 of me my first novel, Economics 101. I'm not sure I have been successful, yet, but I think I'm getting closer.


After more than a month of reviewing in my spare time, I've decided that I have not been successful. I'm not sure how far back I have to go, but these last three chapters definitely will change or disappear. {JMR201610281630: Or not. We'll see. }

Chapter 43 is beginning to take shape in my head, but I haven't had a chance to get any of it laid down in magnetic domains yet.

The general revision/rewrite is also proceeding in fits and starts.


No it isn't. Chapter 43 kept getting stalled, and I realized that the reason is that I lost the thread in or before chapter 40. And the general revision/rewrite is mostly fits and no starts. 

Time really is a limiting factor. Writing part time just isn't working for me.

One thing I am sure of -- if you aren't willing to make mistakes, you can't move forward. But you also have to be willing to find mistakes and fix them.
And if you don't have time to do that, you can't. And that's a significant part of what redemption is all about.



I've made some small, but important revisions to the previous three chapters, satisfied myself that it really was the way it should go even though it is a little bit beyond what ordinary mortals should expect.

Chapter 43 is now done, too:

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